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Flaine's resort and its ski area are open from 12th December 2020 to 18th April 2021.

Car parks & shuttle bus in Flaine

Car-free resort, transport by ski buses, lifts between Flaine Forum and Flaine Forêt... Flaine’s resort was designed to be user-friendly.


For your comfort and safety, Flaine resort centre is pedestrianised.
In winter,
car parks are available at the entrance to each resort level. The fare is 7€ per day. There is also a free car park at the Col de Pierre Carrée, return to the resort by free shuttle buses.
In summer, the outside ressort's car parks  are free.

On your arrival and departure, you may drive in the resort to load and unload your vehicle for up to 1.5 hrs, or between 7.00pm and 3.30am (for any ticket, taken after 7.00pm - not combinable with the 1h30 free).

Stationnement GIG - GIC, go to the Welcome Office to have a free ticket.

Shuttle buses

Free shuttle buses run throughout the day between the resort centre, the Hameau de Flaine and the Col de Pierre Carrée (in winter: cross-country skiing area and snowshoe trails and in summer: golf course).
Two public lifts (orange cabins) allow you to go from Flaine Forêt to Flaire Forum as well.

The arrival of free shuttles in real time... How does it work? It's very simple.

  • Scan the general QR Code directly of Flaine resort
  • At a bus stop, scan the QR Code present. The next shuttle times appear immediately on the screen.
QR code zen bus

Charging point for electric cars

Following the creation of the Flaine Environmental Observatory and the ski area being awarded the Green Globe label, Flaine is continuing its commitment to environmental and ecological responsibility with the installation of 2 charging points for electric cars at the entrance to Flaine Forum.

These SYANE public network points will be open access with no restrictions. They can be used by any customer 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, for whatever type of vehicle.

Free parking during the charge.