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Ski touring

Ski touring is the ideal activity for all lovers of skiing and nature. Discover the most beautiful panoramas of Flaine and then descend to the resort, skiing on marked trails.

The Flaine ski area is not "exploited" with the opening of the ski lifts, you can go to this wild area, under your responsibility.
The route "Au fil de l'Aup is closed.
The domain will be in preparation, it will be necessary to be extra vigilant and to respect the information present on the domain.

The “Au Fil de l’Aup” itinerary - closed

It is a safe, signposted trail through the heart of nature that goes around Flaine’s ski area, reaching an altitude of 2,196 metres (7 204 ft). Combine the joys of hiking and snowsports over a 619-metre altitude difference (2 031 ft).

  • Departure: bottom of the Célestine track at 1,577 m (5 174 ft)
  • Arrival: summit of the gondola of the Aup de Veran at 2,196 m (7 204 ft)

A new activity sponsored by PLUM, manufacturer certified Grand Massif Origin!

Some precautionary rules:

  • the itinerary is not recommended for beginners,
  • the climb route is signposted (markings shown in the image below),
  • the route is exclusively for climbing, the descent is made only by the open runways (plan your climb time),
  • the maintenance of the trace is done by the users,
  • the route can be closed totally or partially, by the service of the tracks, for reasons of safety.
  • this route crosses a tetra-lyres refuge zone, the markup must be respected and dogs are prohibited.

If needed:
No. of the first aid resort: +33 (0)4 50 90 80 58

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