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Flaine welcomes you this summer from July 1st to August 27th 2023. More information.
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Ski touring

Come and discover ski touring in Flaine!

Ski touring is the ideal activity for all lovers of skiing and nature. Discover the most beautiful panoramas of Flaine and then go back down to the resort, on skis on the marked trails.


Consult the openings of the ski touring slopes


Here are some tips before you go:

  • Find out about the weather forecast/avalanche risk and consult the Flaine and Grand Massif weather forecast (accessible when the ski area is open).
  • Choose your route carefully according to your level.
  • Bring your safety equipment and make sure it works: shovels/probes/avalanche victim detector.
  • Learn and practice the use of safety equipment before going out.
  • Don't go alone. Tell someone about your itinerary and the time allotted for your expedition.
  • If necessary, hire a professional to guide your outing.
  • Prepare your backpack with drinks, sunscreen, sunglasses and don't forget to eat regularly.


If necessary, emergency number: 112

Discover our three ski touring routes

“Au Fil de l’Aup”

Signposted and secure for progressing in the heart of nature, this route goes around the ski area of Flaine.

  • Departure : bottom of the Célestine run at 1,577 m (5 174 ft).
  • Arrival : summit of the gondola of the Aup de Veran at 2,196 m (7 204 ft).
  • Elevation: 619m.

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"Montée d'Aujon"

Night course accessible as soon as the slopes close until 9:00 p.m.

  • Start: bottom of the Célestine run at 1,577 m.
  • Arrival: summit of the Aujon ski lift at 1,951 m.
  •  Elevation: 374 m.

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"Ascent of the Grands Vans"

Course accessible during the day, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Departure: bottom of the Lac ski lift (Flaine Vernant) at 1,740 m.
  • Arrival: top of the Grands Vans chairlift at 2,204 m.
  • Elevation: 464 m.

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