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Access to Flaine

Clear and wet

Today's weather forecast

C 1600 m
C 2500 m

Snow cover

34 CM 1600 m
285 CM 2500 m

Ski runs

78 % Ski runs
3 /5 Risk
of avalanche
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This winter, Flaine welcomes you from December 10th, 2022 to April 16th, 2023. More information.
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In Flaine, in the Northern Alps

The Grand Massif ski area is a large playground for freeriders.

The mountain is a space of freedom, and freeriding provides highly sought-after sensations.


In a hemicycle, the Combe de Gers leaves a fabulous area, marked and ungroomed, for lovers of steep freeride and thrills. 800 meters of vertical drop, a North orientation and freshly fallen quality snow! What happiness in perspective!

Just like the descent of the "Lindars" or the slopes of "Veret".

Download the piste map, and find out about the upcoming openings of the black pistes.



These ungroomed slopes offer all the sensations of free skiing in complete safety. Supervised by the field's trackers, PIDAs (avalanche triggering intervention plan) are implemented to ensure your safety.

Be sure to watch our social media channels (Facebook, and Instagram story) the day before/morning to be notified of a possible PIDA.


The spots are numerous, but present dangers for those who do not know the environment perfectly. Never go alone, for your safety, it is therefore recommended to be guided by a professional, guide or instructor from the resort, who will show you the most beautiful places.

Recommended equipment: shovel/probe/DVA (avalanche victim detector).