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Access to Flaine

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-5°C 1600 m
-11°C 2500 m

Snow cover

180 CM 1600 m
300 CM 2500 m

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of avalanche
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Flaine welcomes you from July 3rd to August 27th, 2021. Information on the works this summer - More >

Cross-country skiing

Test it !

At 1,844 metres (6 050 ft), the Col de Pierre Carrée is the highest nordic ski area in the Alps, with the most snow cover. It transports you to a world of serenity among the pines. Take the open access blue run and glide along the tracks using classic and skating techniques.

2,5 km of marked skating and classic cross-country ski trails are accessible by free shuttlebus (between the 7th of February to the 7th of March) from the resort.

  • Skating is easy and fun to learn. The skier glides to the side from one ski to the other.
  • Classic is perfect for beginners, and is quite similar to walking. The skis are slightly longer than skating skis and they slide parallel along two tracks.
Cross-country skiing map

Set on the Grand Massif, the Agy Nordic skiing site offers 30 kilometres of additional trails just 30 minutes from the resort.

The mountain professionals of Flaine offer coaching and outings.