Sunday 28 February
Last updated: 16:22

Access to Flaine

Today's weather forecast

C 1600 m
-2°C 2500 m

Snow cover

180 CM 1600 m
300 CM 2500 m

Ski runs

6 % Ski runs
/5 Risk
of avalanche
My traveller’s log

To hike otherwise!

Yoga - New 2020

Discover the 2 relaxation routes in Flaine!

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Flaine-parcours détente2-OT Flaine-D.Durand

Outdoor Game - New 2020

Intrigue around the lakes of Flaine, Vernant and Airon!

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Wildlife observation service

To discover the wildlife in our mountains in summer?

Flaine's ski area has introduced a wildlife observation service at the top of Grandes Paltières. A coordinator will explain animal adaptation strategies and how our behaviour can help to protect them.

Free of charge, with a sightseeing telescope!

maraudage été

City game

Enthusiastic about discovering art in Flaine in the form of a treasure hunt?

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Halfway between a treasure hunt and orienteering!

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Flaine-geocaching©OT Flaine-D.Durand