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Flaine's resort and its ski area are open from 12th December 2020 to 18th April 2021.

Flaine's entertainment programme of the week

The entertainment of your holiday in Flaine

Cultural activities, concerts, celebrations, sporting competitions and races, fun events… here, there’s something to suit each individual style. Seize the opportunity to enjoy many new experiences and put a new perspective on your holiday spent at the heart of a multi-faceted resort and ski area.

Whether you’re on your own, with family or friends, design your day stay in Flaine exactly as you wish!

To find out all about Flaine’s major events, entertainment and activities, take a look at or download Flainescope (PDF version) of our weekly entertainments programme. It is also available from the Tourist Office and accommodation suppliers, as well as in the resort shops.

To not miss any festivity, think also to consult the agenda of the events!